Client Testimonials

Some of our valued clients have chosen to supply testimonials as they are so pleased with how our online and offiline systems aid their businesses.

ALPS Lee Riley MD

E-Training World has given us the opportunity to enhance our service offering to
clients, which is supported by their continual product development.

Their professional yet personal approach has given us confindence in
recommending them.

Lee Riley

Auto Legal Protection Services


Andrew Evans Managing Director

“We tested a number of online risk assessment options”, said Andrew Evans, managing director or Towergate Risk Solutions, “and felt that E-Training World’s solution was the best fit for our clients’ needs”.

“Trialling their system against other leading providers, we felt that the E-Training World package would have more credibility with commercial vehicle drivers than many other systems in the marketplace, and we were also pleased with their willingness to be flexible and genuinely meet our needs".


Balfour Beatty Plant and Fleet Services

"As a company with a true dedication to making our drivers as safe as possible, we were immediately impressed with E-Training World's online drink driving awareness programme", commented Nobby Clark, Driver Development Manager at Balfour Beatty Plant and Fleet Services.

"Its easy to use, very educational and also highly interactive which makes it an extremely powerful tool. It is particularly good at raising awareness of the dangers of the morning after and how long alcohol remains in your body, and as a recently retired traffic policeman there is no doubt there are a lot of people out there who are unsure of the dangers associated with drinking and driving. We have put a link to it on our own web site and encouraged all of our drivers to use this terrific free tool."


Business Car: Techies 2009 / 2010- Best Risk Management System

Risk management covers a broad spectrum of aspects from the basic licence check, through risk assessment of drivers and a fleet’s records to driver training, which makes E-Training World’s win in the Techies all the more impressive.

ETW not only covers these areas but much more too.

The web-based system means fleet managers don’t need to install dedicated software. Couple this to a well-thought out and easy to understand website and you have the start-point for a great service.

What sealed the win for ETW was the integration of the services offered, including online driving licence data, online driver risk assessment information, accident statistics and e-driver training, online eco training, manoeuvring training and on-road defensive driver training reports as well as feedback.

The system enables drivers to manage their profile leaving the fleet manager to deal with only the issues of importance. This is made possible thanks to the combination of a colour-coded system of identifying risk and the ability to go from the over-view to the detailed information as simply and easily as possible.


Government of Western Australia

Dear Mr Hurdle

Thank you for your email regarding your new Drink Driving Kills website. Congratulations on the launch of your important website.

Your website has some information very relevant to Western Australia’s road users, so we would like to include it on our list of international road safety websites.

Thank you for taking the time to inform us about your website and for your interest in road safety. We hope that many drivers access and learn from your website.

Yours sincerely

Customer Service Coordinator

Office of Road Safety


Joël Valmain

Indeed your web site is very interesting. I visited it via the web site of the European Road Safety Charter so that, to my opinion, the link with the Road Safety web site of the European Commission is already existing.

Thank you again for your commitment in the framework of the European Road Safety Charter.


Joël Valmain
European Commission


Keith Wall NGK

We still have a reasonable claims record, no doubt thanks to your training, so I am keen
to maintain driver awareness.


Nicola Harper

Question: No question... just praise...this is a brilliant resource.


QBE Insurance

Matthew Crane, Managing Director Motor at QBE said: “E-learning is a highly effective tool for fleet managers, as it delivers a consistent quality of training to a diverse and often geographically spread group of drivers. QBE’s innovative initiative will help maintain a strong focus and awareness of road safety amongst whole fleets of drivers. All drivers can benefit from additional road safety training and this learning system is a convenient and effective way to enhance those skills.”


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