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Driver risk dashboard a big hit with fleet managers

E-Training World’s online dashboard reports, which were launched in 2015, have been a huge hit with fleet managers.

According to Jonathan Mosley, E-Training World’s sales and marketing director, the facility for companies to see an ‘at a glance’ breakdown of the risk profile of their drivers has brought huge benefits.

“Within each client’s management area, you can access all driver risk assessment results,” said Jonathan. “Not only can you see who has come out high, medium or low risk overall, but you can also see their risk rating for the four key areas of our assessment. These are attitude, knowledge, concentration & observation, and hazard perception.

“As well as data tables, which can be exported, this is also shown in simple charts, with the facility to enter your own preferences. For example, date ranges to see how your risk profile has changed, comparisons between different companies across a Group, or divisions within a business. You can also compare your risk profile to our system averages, which means you can quickly see if your fleet is a higher or lower risk than our national statistics.

“This has proven to be an invaluable tool, helping clients with insurance review meetings, and because we also provide branded systems to many fleet sector suppliers, such as contract hire and fleet management specialists, it gives them a better facility for client reviews and advice.”

E-Training World’s dashboard reports are a standard, inclusive, feature of all driver profiling and e-driver training. For more information, call 0845 2607998 and ask for Jonathan Mosley or email