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HSE updates its Work-Related Road Safety Guidance

Company directors and fleet managers whose staff drive either company vehicles or their own cars or vans for business use are being encouraged to read an updated guide to safe driving at work.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) guide, ‘Driving at work: managing work-related road safety' has been updated, and can be downloaded from the HSE web site

According to the latest Department for Transport figures, a quarter (26%) of road casualties in Britain are likely to involve someone driving in relation to their work, which is why its so important to put policies and procedures in place for the safety of all drivers, passengers and other road users.

“As a company that specialises in online driver risk assessments and e-driver training, we’re keen to encourage companies to use any tools or guides that could help improve their driver safety,” said Graham Hurdle, managing director of E-Training World.

“Accidents are not only dangerous, they are also incredibly expensive. For this reason, by improving your driving standards not only helps to save lives and reduce the injury, stress and absenteeism brought about by accidents, it also means less vehicles to repair, less insurance excesses to pay and less time spent dealing with paperwork, bodyshops, hire cars and everything else associated with an incident – however big or small.

“Many companies operating vehicle fleets see accidents as an inevitable part of having cars, vans and HGVs. Our view, however, is that all businesses should strive to achieve zero accidents across their fleet because accidents can be avoided by improving certain skill sets in your drivers.

“These are covered in our online systems and are the drivers’ attitude, their knowledge, concentration/observation skills and their hazard perceptions skills.

“By improving these will significantly reduce the level of accidents you have which has numerous advantages in terms of driver safety, cost reduction, business productivity and the overall motivation and well-being of your workforce.”

For more information about E-Training World’s online risk assessment and e-driver training systems, please contact Jonathan Mosley, Director – sales and marketing on 0845 260 7998 or email