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Companies that do not Risk Assess Drivers are the Exception, not the Rule

With the uptake of online driver risk assessments and e-driver training growing at a dramatic pace, Graham Hurdle, managing director of E-Training World believes companies with vehicle fleets that do not risk assess their drivers will soon become the exception rather than the rule.

“In 2013 the level of interest in online driver risk assessments grew at a pace not seen before,” said Graham. “And in the short time since the beginning of 2014, the level of enquires has been accelerating even further.

“With the recession behind us, it’s as if those companies who had not taken any action previously have now decided it’s time to implement online driver profiling tools to meet their health and safety obligations, reduce accidents, save money, and demonstrate a duty of care towards their drivers.

“The upshot is that as more companies adopt online risk assessments, those not conducting them will become the minority. Company car, van, HGV and grey fleet drivers, plus those in vehicles such as minibuses and on motorbikes will all expect to be risk assessed as part of their employment, and surprised if they are not.”

As well as working directly with fleet operators of all sizes to provide web based driver profiling and training, E-Training World also specialises in providing branded solutions for the insurance sector, driver training companies, fleet management providers, contract hire companies and any other company that offers products and services into the fleet market.

“We sit behind some of the largest and best-known risk management systems in the UK,” continued Graham, “and through these partnerships we can see real growth in the market, as well as across the relationships we have with clients directly.

“The recession certainly hampered progress in managing driver risk, however we’re now seeing online systems becoming very much part of the industry landscape and a firm feature of companies that operate a fleet of vehicles.”

For more information, contact Jonathan Mosley, Director of Sales & Marketing on 0845 260 7998 or email