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Road Knowledge a Weakness in Company Car and Van Drivers

Many company car and van drivers lack a basic knowledge of UK road signs and laws.

According to E-Training World’s online driver risk assessment system, a common section that drivers’ score poorly on is “Knowledge”; the other sections being Attitude, Concentration/Observation, and Hazard Perception.

Through a series of multiple choice questions, drivers taking the E-Training World assessment are quizzed on their knowledge in one of the sections. This covers items such as UK road signs, minimum legal tyre treads, alcohol limits, speed limits on different roads and so on. At the end of the assessment they are given an overall rating of high, medium or low risk for the entire assessment, as well as an individual rating for each of the four sections; knowledge often being an area where drivers struggle.

“Average risk ratings for all drivers going through our system currently sit at 9% high risk, 68% medium risk and 23% low risk,” said Graham Hurdle, managing director of E-Training World.
“Yet if we isolate the ratings for knowledge alone, high risk sits at 34%, medium risk at 38% and low risk at 28%.

“Many people are surprised by these statistics, yet when you consider a lot of drivers took their driving test perhaps 20 or 30 years ago, that may have been the last time they even read the Highway Code or thought about the laws of driving.

“This is a concern when you consider that a large proportion of at-work drivers on UK roads clearly don’t know some of the basic signs or road laws they encounter each day, and that affects decision-making and safety.

“Our recommendation for these drivers is that they conduct a series of e-learning modules and we have a very wide selection including UK road signs and markings, drugs and alcohol, vehicle safety checks, mobile phones and other key topics.

“We would also advise drivers to refresh their comprehension of the Highway Code.”

For more information about E-Training World’s online driver risk assessment and e-driver training systems, please contact Jonathan Mosley, director – sales & marketing on 0845 260 7998 or email