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Fleet Operators Should Look Out for New Rules on Roadside Eyesight Tests

Companies that operate vehicle fleets should be aware of the enhanced powers of the Police that came into force on 7th February this year.

Immediate action can now be taken against any motorist failing a roadside eye test, with their licence being taken from them within a matter of hours.

Jonathan Mosley, director of sales and marketing at E-Training World, said, “We would strongly advise companies to ensure all company, and grey fleet, drivers have had their eyes tested and that regular eyesight tests are introduced if they are not in place already.

“If a driver cannot read a licence plate from 20 metres the Police can make an immediate request to the DVLA, via a hand held device, for their licence to be withheld.

“The DVLA can then email back a formal revocation notice to the nearest police station which can be printed and handed to the offending driver that same day.”

Licences will not be returned until a driver can demonstrate that their eyesight meets the required standards.

Bespoke questions about eyesight tests can be added to E-Training World’s online driver risk assessment for all companies operating under a licence agreement. For more information regarding E-Training World’s online driver risk assessment and e-driver training systems please contact Jonathan Mosley, director – sales and marketing director on 0845 260 7998 or email