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Reduce Your Accident Costs in 2013

Companies that bemoan large and volatile vehicle accident costs can reduce their expenditure with a series of simple, low cost, initiatives.

According to Graham Hurdle, managing director of E-Training World, many businesses believe it will take significant time and investment to drive down the number of incidents across their vehicle fleet. Yet accidents happen largely due to driver complacency, simple errors and lack of concentration and these can be dealt with via a series of online assessment and training programmes.

“Reducing accidents is about raising awareness of the importance of safe driving, providing tools and training to help drivers develop their skills behind the wheel, and introducing a culture whereby even the smallest knocks and scrapes are deemed unacceptable,” said Graham.

“At E-Training World, we often challenge people who are sceptical about online driver training to consider the following scenario. If a driver was offered a million pounds to drive from their workplace to their home accident free, how do you think they would drive? They would check around the vehicle before reversing, they wouldn’t tailgate or speed, they wouldn’t take any risks and they would drive with a very high level of attention and concentration. Most people would guarantee that they reach their destination incident free.”

“That has very little to do with ability and more to do with attitude. Yet in many companies drivers are rushing from A to B, using their hands free mobile, looking at their SatNav, playing with the radio, following other vehicles too closely and demonstrating a whole host of bad habits that they know themselves heighten the risk of having an accident.

“The upshot is that they are put down as being ‘accidents’ whereas in reality they are caused by driver fault. Vehicles cannot crash into each other, nor into stationery objects – it is the drivers causing it!

“Online assessments and training not only provide specific guidance, they also raise awareness of safe driving and start to change cultures within businesses – and this can lead to very significant costs savings indeed.”

For more information please contact Jonathan Mosley, director of sales and marketing on or call 0845 260 7998.