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Assess Your Drivers' Knowledge of the Company Car Policy for Free

Companies that need to ensure their vehicle policy has been read and understood by drivers can offer a simple online test which also helps to explain the reasons behind the policy in more detail.

For companies that order 40 logins or more (until the end of 2012) for E-Training World's online driver risk assessment system, the same number of drivers will also qualify for a free login to check their knowledge of the company car policy.

“For any company that wants to ensure drivers have read, digested and understood the company vehicle policy, we can quickly build a tailored online course with multiple choice questions, feedback to say whether the driver got the questions correct or not and explanations on each topic.

“Let’s take for example the need to take adequate breaks whilst driving, a question could be on the lines of ‘What does the company car policy advise in terms of taking breaks during long journeys?’ The driver selects one of three possible answers, is told whether they are right or wrong and are then given reasons as to why that policy exists and why it has been put in for the safety and welfare of staff.

“And because the system places the results into a management area, the fleet manager can log in, see who has completed the test, as well as see their scores. This acts as a strong gauge as to whether the company policy has been understood, as well as providing an audit trail should the company come under investigation after an accident.”

E-Training World’s systems provide outstanding flexibility to companies looking to assess and train drivers, and this is just one example. In fact courses can be quickly built on any topic, even incorporating video.

“Clients can use our systems to develop any course feasible, tailored to their specific requirements, rules and processes,” said Graham.

“This can extend into the area of how a company wants its vehicles checked, use of mobile phones, rules around manoeuvring in depots, the safe storage of equipment in vehicles – it really can be on any subject matter, including video tutorials, which builds up to become a suite of online training for a business.”

For more information about how you could benefit from your own tailored e-driver training system please contact Jonathan Mosley on 0845 260 7998 or email