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Companies that operate car, van and HGV fleets should not overlook the importance of regular reminders to all company vehicle drivers of the importance of safe driving.

According to Graham Hurdle, managing director of online driver risk assessment and e-learning specialists E-Training World, frequent reminders can be a very effective way of keeping accident levels to a minimum and their importance should not be overlooked.

“Look at how people drive after witnessing an accident,” said Graham. “Most drivers slow down, ease back from the vehicle in front, drive more cautiously and take far greater care until the memory of that event wears off.

“Similarly, if you’ve had a near miss it brings the dangers of driving to the forefront of your mind, altering your behaviour.

“This proves that most drivers can drive more safely if they wish to, and also demonstrates how powerful a reminder is about the dangers of being behind the wheel of a vehicle.”

Graham argues that many companies make the mistake of simply providing online or on road training once a year, when they have a problem, or not at all in many cases, leaving them to constantly bemoan the level of accidents across their vehicle fleet and the rising cost of vehicle damage.

This could be reduced by regular information and guidance sent to drivers on topics such as manoeuvring, speed awareness, using mobile phones at the wheel, driving in adverse weather conditions and so on.

“By reminding drivers regularly keeps the whole issue of safe driving in their minds,” said Graham. “Even a monthly email to all drivers is better than nothing, advising them not to tailgate other drivers, to always reverse into parking spaces, not to use their mobile phones whilst driving etc. It keeps the topic high in people’s minds and drivers who climb into their car will remember the email they’ve just received.

“To take this a step further we offer a suite of short, punchy and effective e-learning modules which can also be offered to drivers either monthly or quarterly ensuring that they have been reminded recently as well as trained on a range of important topics.”

The E-Training World modules cost as little as £5 each and ask drivers a series of questions and then provide training on these core topics, and by insisting that each drivers takes a least 1 module a month, which lasts no more than 15 minutes acts not only as important driver development but also a reminder of the wide range of dangers in our roads.

For more information on our portfolio of e-learning modules, please contact Jonathan Mosley, Director – Sales & Marketing on 0845 260 7998 or email