A white labelled and branded driver profiling system
Award winning online driver profiling and risk assessments
An Extensive Portfolio of e-Learning Solutions
A driver profiling system or suite of e-learning solutions for any country in the world

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Online Driver Risk Assessments & e-Driver Training

Fleet Risk Management
E-Training World has won awards for its online driver risk assessment and e-driver training system. Along with our web based driver profiling/assessment we have a range of e-learning modules (e.g. speed awareness, vehicle checks, use of mobile phones etc), a full e-driver training course and an online eco driving and manoeuvring course.

We pioneered the concept of online risk assessments and have an outstanding reputation for the quality, content and driver interaction of our systems.

Business Partners
& Distributor Opportunities

Business Partners
We can quickly provide contract hire companies, fleet management specialists, insurance companies, driver training businesses and a whole host of other organisations with a fully branded, tailored online driver risk assessment and e-learning system. Systems can also be tailored for any country in the world.

E-Training World also offers a system for Driving Schools for Learners.

Online Business Solutions for Training Staff

Online Business Solutions for Training Staff
As well as driving systems, we offer a range of health & safety, fork lift truck and customer service courses. By choosing a licence agreement, you can also enjoy access to the system enabling you to create your own suite of e-learning modules, including question sets, answers, explanations, images and video clips – such is the flexibility of our system.

E-learning is a huge growth area and provides immeasurable benefits to organisations and their employees, and is also hugely cost-effective.