Drink & Driving

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E-Training World has developed a FREE website designed to educate drivers on the important subject of Drinking & Driving.

As you work through our short programme we look at EU statistics and EU Drink Drive limits. Most importantly we examine the effects of Drinking and Driving on you physically and explain the consequences this action may have.

We also look at how to calculate units of alcohol and the time it will take for your body to process them which is particularly important for the “morning after”.

Using interactive sessions, every driver put through this short course will be clear about the risks and dangers surrounding drinking and driving.

Free To Use

As a company that is passionate about road safety E-Training World took the decision to provide this website free of charge to anyone who would like to use it.

To raise the profile of drink driving, please consider a link from your website to this site and, if you are a company, please recommend the site to your employees and their families.

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